Assistance with immigration processes

• Individual and family

• Coordinate transfers (airport / hotel / MMG

   Tower / Migration Offices, etc.)

• Corporate Incorporation (if applies)

• Assistance to open a current account (if applies)

• Other services related to the immigration





Consulting services for fiscal residencies both individual and corporate

• Structuring of assets and investments to

  facilitate tax planning

• Fiscal migration of the company



Real estate services

• General real estate advice

• Custom real estate search

• Assistance for the sale, lease or purchase of real


• Administrative support for the acquisition of a




Luxury personal services

• Assistance for the purchase or sale of yachts,

  cars, airplanes, vintage cars, horses and items

  of  value

• Affiliation to an exclusive wines club



Corporate and business services

• Personal recruitment

• Incorporation Advisory

• Administration of the custody of shares

• Assist in creation and management of

   companies, trusts, foundations and other

   corporate structures



Guidance on insurance

• Assessment of an insurance portfolio and

  implementation of new policies

• Renegotiation and modification of existing


• Assistance with private placement for life

  insurance as an estate planning tool

• Evaluation and recommendation of international

  health insurance

• Insurance related to special goods such as

  aircraft, yachts, artwork and others

• Evaluation and recommendation of insurance for

   kidnapping and ransom




Administrative services

• Assistance for general legal matters

• Management and registration of documents

• Individual and corporate accounting by a

   Certified Public Accountant

• Bookkeeping

• Collection and recording of administrative


• Payment of bills and taxes

• Tax compliance

• Guidance on choosing external audit firms

• Translation of documents




Family government and heritage planning services

• Arrangements for succession within the family


• Support for legacy protection

• Assistance to establish a family governance

• Assistance estate planning

• Assistance for drafting wills

• Assistance for Prenuptial agreements and

  Marriage contract planning

• Retirement planning




Concierge services

• Travel arrangements

• Transportation services

• Recommendation, recruitment and


   of domestic workers (nannies, cooks,

   chauffeurs, private tutors, etc.)

• Basic service provider payment services

   (internet, telephone, electricity, water, schools,


• Government Services (tax, registration and

   payment of Social Security tax, vehicle tax, etc.)

• Assistance for general maintenance (electricity,

   plumbing, carpentry, etc.)





Graphic design, website, motion graphics and marketing services

• Branding (logo, slogan, basic accounting and

   stationery design, etc.)

• P.O.P/Merchandising (Implementation of logo,

  creation of souvenirs, pressing, stand design,

  display case design)

• General design (Flyer, packaging, labels,

  ticketing, bags, newspaper, magazine, internal

  newsletter etc.)

• Motion graphics, photography and video for

  companies, events or individual

• Design, develop and manage websites


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